Roar at Dinosaur World!

Gia is in love with dinosaurs! She knows all of their names and creates her own stories and songs all about them. She is quite curious about how dinosaurs lived long ago, so we have visited several exhibits, read plenty of books, and found dinosaur figurines and toys of all shapes, sizes and periods. She seems to enjoy Tyrannosaurus Rex, Carnotaurus, and Brachiosaurus dinosaurs the most; however, she will play with them all. My husband and I took her to Dinosaur World over the weekend! What a treat! It was a little hot, but she enjoyed strolling among the hundreds of life-sized dinosaurs. First, we went into the prehistoric museum and she had so much fun! Who would think? Luckily, the museum had teeth and bones aligned with a toy-sized dinosaur. She recognized them all! Next, she went on a fossil dig where she was able to walk away with three fossils of her own. Last, we participated in an excavation where she found real minerals and colorful gems. Her favorite was pyrite! She even enjoyed the little pebbles. When it was time to leave, she walked away with a little dinosaur cup, a pink Brachiasuarus, and many dinosaur memories! Learn more