Let the Vacation Begin!

Gia recently went on a vacation to the west coast of Florida. What a treat and new experience. My husband and I had been preparing for our vacation for weeks. I mentioned the trip to Gia daily so that she would be comfortable with the break in our routine. Ironically, she was ready to go the first time I mentioned the word “vacation”. Her first comment was, “Can we go to the hotel and wake up to breakfast in bed with strawberries and pancakes?” My little adorable one!

To prepare for a fun time, we went shopping for bathing suits, beach towels, sand toys, and the essentials. She had her little suitcase packed the night before, because she just had too many options to consider! I think she is a little procrastinator like her mommy! Anyway, she was all ready for her trip. We left in the morning and it must have taken around 4 hours to arrive to the hotel. She was such a trooper. We stopped halfway there for a restroom break. She was so happy and delightful! It was so nice to be off the clock and have the time to spend with her. I sat in the back seat with her the entire way. We played, colored, sang songs, and just enjoyed our time together while daddy drove!

Once we arrived to the hotel, she was ecstatic. We checked in and went up to our room. She was so happy that she did not even want to leave. Luckily, we were able to distract her long enough to get her to go downstairs to the water. You should have seen the excitement on her face! We walked to the edge where the staff gave out food for the ducks and then…it happened! That moment when you see you daughter become fearless, independent and completely compassionate towards nature for the first time. It was a remarkable sight!

Gia enjoyed the rest of her vacation, but strangely enough, there were no pancakes in bed with strawberries! Who knew that breakfast would be delivered in take-out bags? I will just have another excuse to plan our next vacation.