Learning to Swim is Quite the Challenge!

Learning how to swim is such a critical skill for little ones. We are reminded of that much too frequently by the evening news in Florida. To prepare Gia for pool safety, my husband and I enrolled her in swimming classes. We considered both public and private options while taking her to the pool ourselves on the occasional weekend. She is drawn to the water, so that makes our efforts even more imperative! Here is what we have done thus far:

First, we enrolled Gia in classes at the local swimming pool. We attended several sessions; however, we were a little concerned about Gia’s eagerness to get into the pool. It was very hard for her to sit while the instructor, a teenager with four other students to focus on, would take students one-by-one into the water. Gia was already acclimated to water at this point and was ready to scoot on in! My husband and I decided that she needed an instructor that would provide the individual attention we felt she needed. On to the next option!

Second, we hired a swimming instructor to come to our community pool to teach Gia the essentials. The instructor was amazing; however, 30 minutes once a week was not enough for Gia to master any skill. The teacher was unable to come more than once a week. So we looked further!

Third, we found another swimming class with excellent reviews in preparing kids of all ages for pool safety. We even received great feedback from parents in our community! Their children progressed quickly through various stages of lessons and were able to swim safely in the pool after a few months. So we enrolled Gia in classes at the beginning of May. I was a bit hesitant because the classes are in a warehouse. I much prefer the natural light! Anyway, she has been attending classes two times per week and…she isn’t progressing. Actually, I think she prefers to attend the classes just to socialize! I have explained the importance of learning how to swim, but she is 4 years old and is actually more interested in making friends. So, I am in the process of looking for our next solution!

I would love to hear your suggestions on what has worked best for you and your little ones!! I realize that we all have different learning styles/speeds; however, I would like Gia to be able to enjoy a pool party before she turns 18!