Gia’s First Pet!

For some time now, Gia has been asking for a pet to play with and love. As her interests have developed through reading and life experiences, one thing remains the same – she likes dinosaurs and marine life. It has been quite a challenge to decide upon a pet. I have explained to her that she isn’t able to have dinosaurs, sharks, or even a whale. She hasn’t really shown a great liking to normal domesticated animals as of yet! We discussed having a turtle or two, but there are concerns of them outgrowing their home. I would think that if we needed to release them back into the wild at some point, Gia would be so devastated. Therefore, we decided on…a fish!

Who would have thought that a fish would be Gia’s first pet? Before we headed to the pet store, I spoke to Gia about taking care of a fish. I mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to cuddle or physically play with the fish; however, she was determined that a fish would be her first pet. So, we went to the store and asked for assistance. A store associate recommended that we buy one beta fish and thereafter 3 or 4 tetra fish. So, we asked Gia to pick out her favorite beta fish. Interestingly enough, she didn’t choose the beautiful blue or the vibrant red one. Not even the shiny green one; but a gray and slightly, light orange one! My husband was in shock. He said, “Really, she had to pick out the ugliest one!” Long story short, she went home with a tank, some accessories and her little beta that she later named “girly”. This tells me that she is very much like her mommy in that she has a soft heart for the underdog!

We set up the tank, did some research on how to take care of “Girly”, and then released her into her new home. The tank is right in front of where Gia eats her meals so she can watch her. We feed Girly two pellets twice a day. She seems to love her aquarium. Gia seems happy to have a pet, but she really isn’t that engaged. On the other hand, maybe I should say, she is as hands-on as you can be with a fish. I would think that in a year or two, we will move on to a dog, but heaven only knows! Gia is so unique that perhaps the next pet will be exotic! Stay tuned and please feel free to share your own experiences with first time pets.