First Trip to the Dentist!

This week Gia hit a milestone! She went to the dentist for the very first time and did amazing! She was pleasant, listened to what the dental hygienist and dentist said, and followed directions! What an accomplishment!

If you are wondering why this was her first visit, I must say that it is four-fold. First, we keep her teeth very clean by brushing twice a day and using children’s mouth wash. Second, she drinks lots of water and only one juice a day – no sugary drinks. Third, she has had such a fear of going to the doctors, that I didn’t want to traumatized her so early on, knowing what a dentist visit is truly like. I myself do not enjoy the visits. Fourth, she will be loosing her baby teeth shortly.

Anyway, we went and I am so glad that she had a positive experience. I wouldn’t have changed the timing at all. I researched the most child-friendly dentist in the area and waited 6 months to get the appointment. At the time I thought that 6 months was rather lengthy, but it all worked out! Gia loves the dentist and guess what? She doesn’t have any cavities! She is about to loose her first 2 bottom teeth! Stay tuned for a post about the tooth fairy coming soon!