First Day at School!

Gia was very excited about her first day of school after meeting her teacher and visiting the classroom last week! We spent the weekend making sure that she had everything that she needed to begin this new chapter in her life. I can say that the weekend flew by! We shopped, got her hair trimmed, painted her nails, and enjoyed some “mommy-daughter” time! On Sunday evening, her outfit was laid out, her lunchbox and backpack were packed, a supply bag was filled, and a bag with towels with a clean change of clothes was ready! What a list of chores! It was all worth it for my little delicious one! I will say that the tears started the week before!

On Monday morning, I woke Gia up to begin our new routine. She was a little resistant about getting up so early; however, she did. She got washed, dressed, and then went downstairs for breakfast. Then we were off to school. She had plenty of company, as her mommy, daddy, and pap-pap went along with her! We left the house a little early as we wanted to be on time and figured traffic would be crazy. We were right! It seemed like everyone was early! The traffic was crazy! We stood in front of the door and then signed Gia into her classroom. We walked in and helped her with her new routine. One of the teachers directed Gia to wash her hands, which was a nice touch. So much to learn! Then we gave her a kiss, she sat in her seat, and we were off! I cannot tell you how heartbroken we all were! We understood the significance of this big step; however, this was the first time that she had left the nest! We made sure to tell her that her daddy and pap-pap would come to pick her up at 2pm. She seemed ok, but we were all a mess…nothing but tears!

The day went by so slowly, at least for me! When 2pm came around, Gia’s daddy and pap-pap picked her up, which was a nice treat! The future routine will be that I will drop Gia off and her pap-pap will pick her up, but today was special. She immediately asked where I was, and was sad to hear I was at work. She got home and really was not interested in talking about school. Needless to say, it was a difficult evening! I asked her so many things after getting home from work, but she was like a little clam. I was a little worried; however, I thought this is how she must be processing the change. We will have to see how the next few days go! Not exactly what we expected! Stay tuned to see how the next few days of school turn out!