Best Socks for School!

Gia does not normally wear closed toe shoes on a daily basis. The weather in Florida allows her to wear sandals practically all year round. So when we were told that she needed to wear closed toe shoes for school, I began the search for the most comfortable socks and shoes that would work for us. Luckily, I found the best option, when it comes to socks, the first time around.

I purchased white SUNBVE Kids Socks on Amazon after shopping around at local stores. I just could not find good quality socks, specifically soft and comfortable ones, for Gia! Luckily, I made the right choice by ordering them and she has been wearing them every day for the last 2 weeks.

When I received my order, 10 pairs of white socks were neatly tucked in a beautiful square box. The presentation alone should have clued me on the quality. The fabric is super soft for Gia, and they wash really well. They have a smooth toe, comfortable cuff that goes above her ankle, and a y-heel design. She has recess outside, so I thought her feet would have been all sweaty from her school day, but the fiber wicks sweat away as well! The material is made up of 82% cotton, 14.9% polyamide, and 3.1% spandex. It is so nice! I followed the show size guidelines and the socks fit true to size! I will definitely order them again when she grows out of them or when we find a need for colored socks!

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